Children’s experiences during their first few years of life critically impact how their brains develop and how they will interact with the world. These impacts are most pronounced during the initial three years of life. That is why the YWCA  supports early education programs designed to empower parents and caregivers to be their child’s first and best teachers.


Program Coordinator: Melissa Dawson

Contact information: (501) 223 4971

The Daycare Center provides a safe and enriching environment for children and is equipped with children's furniture and educational toys. Parents can feel confident when leaving their children in the care of experienced and trained child-care workers. 


Program Coordinator: Ms. Nadine Harris

Contact information: (501) 223 4971

The Pre-school prepares children ages 3-5 years to enter the primary school system. The Pre-School is operated on a shift system where both morning and afternoon classes are offered.