YWCA Empowering Women and Girls through Access to Support and Opportunity 

This project was planned to target and achieve two things:

* The first part focused on the rights of children to education (early childhood education) and safe
environment. This was targeted through the upgrading of the early childhood facilities in order to
make it more inviting, more child friendly and more stimulating, while keeping it affordable. YWCA
realizes that by affording parents, in particular working mothers, a service that is attractive and
affordable, contributes greatly to a woman’s economic independence and empowerment.

* The second part focused on economic opportunity through access to outlets for products and
services. YWCA provides skills training for both girls and adults. The idea of equipping centres -that
operate as “incubators” - for the beneficiaries of the YWCA skills training is seen as critical in providing
beneficiaries with increased opportunity for economic independence.
The YWCA was able to successfully complete both parts of the project within the implementation