The YWCA has set in place policies and procedures that lead toward the improvement of the organization’s performance.

These procedures are structured in the form of projects, which identify short and long-term benefits.  These structures assist in accomplishing all required and needed to be done within each programme.  The Staffing is essential, and each program has Human Resources whom have both practical and formal training.   Every individual has a job description which clearly outlines the day to day responsibilities of their positions. The Job descriptions will be review and modify yearly.  The YWCA strongly encourages and facilitates both professional and personal development.  This can be done through workshops, seminars and hands on training, which equip each individual with added resources and skills to assist in the continuous improvement of job performance and consequently, the continued improvement of YWCA’s capacity building.  Some of these training include but are not limited to: Leadership, Programme Management, Management and communication skills.  There is also a need to review and modify the policy and procedure manual to maintain quality standards of performance and the overall performance of the organization.task

The main objective of Program management is to recognize the need within the organization and to create the appropriate projects to fulfill these needs. The Women and Youth project is one such project.

The YWCA has embarked on a project to expand the facilities so as to offer more skill-based training programs and to accommodate more participants. All these projects are overseen by a group of professionals within the organizations itself.  These individuals are extremely important; because they emphasize the coordination and prioritization of resources across projects, manage links among projects and the overall costs and risks of the programs.  The YWCA has and continues to benefit greatly through it Program Management.