Every year the YWCA offers summer classes to the community. Over 500 women and youth participate each year.  Last year, we had over 600 people attend our summer programme in classes such as:

  • Math & English,

  • Cooking,

  • Cosmetology,

  • Karate,

  • Swimming

and others, that encourage the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of the participants.  Most classes meet Monday through Thursdays.


These classes are taught by volunteers from High schools, Universities, and community volunteers under the supervision of YWCA staff.  Last year we had approximately 50  people volunteer their time and skills to help others. 

During the first session, students take Math & English review. During the second session of the summer program, students were given a more intensive reading course.

Cosmetology Course
The Cosmetology Course offers the participants an education in hair care and styling as well as nail care.​

Cooking Course
In the Cooking Course, the participants are taught basic techniques as well as specific recipes. Each day the students learned a new recipe and prepared that dish.

Cake and Pastry Making Course
In Cake and Pastry Making, participants are taught the basics of baking and the art of making desserts. Each day the students are taught a new recipe that exemplified a technique and prepared that dish.

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